Sunday, 14 April 2013

Préparez Vos Mouchoirs

Good heavens it's been a busy weekend! But before digressing and getting lost on the details of the goings-on of the HOTT Crew we should focus first and foremost on this delicious hottie that was before our eyes on the Red Line. A stylish and tasteful Ralph Lauren quilted jacket provides warmth for the unseasonably cold weather we're experiencing in Boston, and we just adore a man who, even after he has just shaved, has a noticeable 5 O'clock shadow. This is a most handsome fellow!

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Sales Representative
Photographer: FT

So... as you already know FT and GB are down in Orlando for the Quidditch World Cup 2013, and what a fun time they are having! It's also quite amusing to watch them running up and down the Quidditch Ground in 85F weather while wearing athletic versions of academic garb. Only FT and GB! You can read more about the Quidditch World Cup in yesterday's New York Times here (click article title): Playing a Wizard's Game on Ordinary Broom

Biscuit, dear friend of the HOTT Crew, came down to watch FT and GB play Quidditch. Afterwards Biscuit drove them to the Thornton Park Publix in downtown Orlando for a firsthand view of how the local men still use the handkerchief code (ah... now you're getting the title of today's post... it's French for "Get out your handkerchief!").  It's like being in another era! Hankies of every color, and in every pocket! 
No sooner had we walked in to the Publix than we spotted this well built hottie sporting a navy blue hanky in his left pocket. Can you guess what he's looking for?
Here's a view in motion of HankyMan. We love the stride, the lean into the turn, the sway of the arms. 
So after cruising around the vegetable department at Publix Biscuit took us on a short walk to the Amway Center for Club Level seats at the basketball game featuring the Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics! FT and GB were ecstatic the the Celtics routed the Magic. Alas, Biscuit decided to drown his sorrows at the Club Level bar below.
The hanky is in the right pocket ;-)

Stay tuned for the rest of the HOTT Crew's adventures at tonite's Midnite Marathon Bike Ride!

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