Saturday, 20 April 2013

First Responders and First Protectors

We gently ease our way back to our usual programming as we feel the terrible loss of life over the past 5 days, see the horrific wounds from which so many are struggling to overcome, and sense the sudden release of emotions as this week of terror reached it's violent conclusion. Among the many groups of responders and protectors who have been in our midst during this past week are the soldiers of the Massachusetts National Guard, who began the week with a major presence participating in the Boston Marathon. 15 soldiers ran the entire marathon in full combat uniform (their military backpacks weighed 40lbs!) and were cheered on by many other Massachusetts National Guard soldiers who gathered at the finish line. And when the bombs went off the soldiers who were spectators, and those who had just finished running the marathon, rushed in to rescue the victims of the bomb blasts. Their quick response to victims literally helped save lives. Photo above is from Military Friends Foundation and taken near the Copley T station.
But their role didn't end there. Immediately the Massachusetts National Guard began protecting the people of Boston from potential new terrorist attacks. Attacks which we now know were being planned in some form. The Massachusetts National Guard was everywhere, and especially present aboard our subway trains and in our subway stations. The above photo by our HOTT Crew shows soldiers guarding the Park Street T station.
Above our HOTT Crew encounters soldiers at the entrance to the Harvard Square T Station.
And here our crew encounters the Massachusetts National Guard at the Government Center T Station.

There are so many groups whose efforts over the past week deserve our thanks and praise. We hope our focus today on the Massachusetts National Guard helps us all to reflect on all the other groups who played such a vital role in responding to, and protecting, the people of our city.

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