Monday, 6 February 2012

MBTA Flight #1 is Now Boarding

When this Gentleman sat next to us on the CT1 in the Back Bay he ignited our imagination and transported us to another era... the era of Boeing Stratocruisers and Pan Am Clippers!

Reaching cruising altitude the roar of the finely tuned piston-driven propeller engines diminishes to a hum and our steward, this gentleman above, arrives in his crisp white serving jacket and black bow tie with our favorite cocktail, a dry gin martini (this is the 1950's, when vodka martinis are considered gauche). But we need a pen to write a letter, and it's in our Pan Am travel bag in the overhead rack. No problem! Mr. Steward stretches his tall trim body, accentuated by the white serving jacket, and retrieves our travel bag! Colette, our favorite Pan Am stewardess, arrives to adjust our pillow so that we can rest comfortably on our long flight. The gin martini begins to take effect and we slowly slip into pleasant dreams...

Ummm.... I guess you can tell we're overdue for a new episode of Pan Am! We admire this gentleman's good looks and simple, yet very appropriate attire. Good job, and happy travels, Mr. Steward!

Location: CT1 in the Back Bay
Imagined Profession: Pan Am Steward in the 1950's

And our HOTT Crew enthusiastically endorses the National Diners Guide to Ethical Eating (click the title to see the guide). A very helpful resource for dining out in select major cities!

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