Saturday, 23 February 2013

La Dolce Vita

Our entire HOTT Crew is having a delightful time in the refreshing Mediterranean climate of the eternal city, Rome. While you all are in Boston awaiting a snowstorm we're basking in sunshine and caressing breezes. And whilst in Rome FTH has discovered the men of Morocco! Which reminds us of this gent discovered on the commute home from work. He wears a typically Bostonian take on winter attire, yet accents his clothing, and his delightful skin tone, with a pale plum Oxford shirt. A most attractive fellow.

Location: Green Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Administrative Director
Photographer: FT

And where, might you be asking, are we staying in Rome during our campaign to have Nippy elected as Pope? In this delightful neighborhood below!
Just a few miles from the Vatican, our home for the next several days is in this charming area that even comes with a small romantic lake. We can easily become lost to the world listening to the gentle breezes rustling the fronds of the many date palms around our villa.

And now we must go and look for GB and FT. We haven't seen them since they returned from a shopping trip where they acquired vast quantities of stylish red 2(x)ist underwear (which they claim are needed for the papal conclave). Hmmmmm!

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