Friday, 8 February 2013


Nemogeddon! Snowpocolypse! It's coming today! And we captured this hottie just as he got the text alert from the City of Boston advising we're going to get up to 40 inches (1.22 meters) of snow! We appreciate a man who can deliver an adorable smirk when getting the news that the end of the world is about to take place.

Our HOTT Crew's preparations for the blizzard of "historic, epic" proportions (according to The Weather Channel) included partaking in beverages last night at Shays Pub in Cambridge. And we realized we were at Ground Zero for Snowzilla when John King from CNN came and sat nearby! He's even handsomer in person than on HD TV! We would have taken a pic of him but we're not the type to ogle (overtly at least) hunky celebrities. But an ever so handsome hottie at a table nearby had no such inhibitions and was snapping away with his iPhone! Which led to a conundrum for us. Do we focus on handsome John King to our left or pine away for the delicious hottie on our right? It's a tough life being surrounded by gorgeous men!

Don't forget... everything shuts down today at 3:30pm. Basically, wherever you are at 3:30pm is where you'll be for the duration of the blizzard! Stay warm, stay safe, and visit us regularly for Nemogeddon updates!

Location: Red Line between Kendall and Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession: Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Photographer: FT

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