Saturday, 2 February 2013

Project Red

Black certainly is a trendy and safe color to wear during winter. But we continually find ourselves attracted to the men who are bold and confident enough to wear the color red. Here our hottie satisfies the locals' conservative fashion sensibilities (black coat, black pants) yet proclaims his self-confidence and buoyant outlook by liberating his black attire with an apple-red scarf. And note how the scarf is draped outside his coat as opposed to the local fashion of tucking the scarf inside one's coat. Absolutely brilliant selection! We think we're going to start a campaign to get the men of Boston to brighten up by including red in their wardrobe.

Reminds us of our post from last May, Seeing Red (go ahead, click on the title, it's a link), where we explored the brilliance, literally and figuratively, of the color red.

Men in red are hot!

Location: Green Line at Government Center
Imagined Profession: Career/Life Coach
Photographer: GB

Speaking of hot, we're still in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. where the sun is recharging our winterized souls with beams of light, and the 72F temperature right now envelopes us in a way that's difficult to describe. We'll be sad to fly back this evening from our whirlwind trip, and we were kept far busier than we expected with interviews. But here are a couple of pics below from this morning: One on the beach in front of our hotel and the other taken just a moment ago by our pool.

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