Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Double Tuesday - Platform #1

Now boarding on Platform #1, smokin' hot hotties in black! Although they're not together, they blend like watercolors to form one lasting impression. It's as if they're twins! We love twins! Notice how our hotties are wearing the same black wool coat, both have collars upturned to ward against the brisk winds, and they each have a black sling satchel slung over their right shoulders. 

Location: #1 Bus Platform at Central Square
Imagined Professions: Software Sales
Photographer: FT

Also boarding on Platform #1, but on the Red Line, are these two Harvard bound gents on the last train before the T ended service due to the blizzard. Harvard Hottie on the left is wearing his L. L. Bean snow boots while Harvard Hottie on the right wears North Face boots. Unlike our hotties above, these two hotties were traveling together but dressed separately, creating an interesting contrast in boots, pants and coats.

Location: Red Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Harvard Administrators
Photographer: Undercover RM

All this talk about platforms reminds us that our renowned Nippy has come up with the first plank in his platform for his candidacy to be elected Pope! Platform Plank #1 is:

Male Synchronized Swim Team in the Olympics!

We're imagining training taking place in the Trevi Fountain. And lots of identical twins on the team! Skimpy bikini swimsuits by our national sponsor, 2(x)ist, of course. Should make for compelling live underwater cameras.
Speaking of twins, here's a subway video featuring a plethora of male hottie twins. Our HOTT Crew knows of at least 2 sets of male twins and we'd like to find more for a Twins on the T video. If you know of any let us know!

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