Sunday, 10 February 2013

Snowpocolypse - Day 3

UPDATE: Limited MBTA service today (Sunday). Check for details.

On the morning that the storm began we captured this very well prepared manly man on our train to work. Such masculine snow boots. Blue jeans already cleverly tucked in to the boots to keep out the snow. And he maintains a sense of being fashionable with his pea coat and gray scarf. We think we'd like to tumble into a snow bank with him!

Location: Green Line at Hynes
Imagined Profession: Inside Sales Manager
Photographer: GB

And although it's a great inconvenience for the T to be out of service for yet another day (most of us in Boston don't have cars), thus limiting us to our immediate neighborhoods, the MBTA was hard at work yesterday testing Green Line trains on the C Branch in Brookline (see video below). And it was very dicey. This video was taken at Washington Square.

And for those of you going a little stir crazy with being trapped at home for, at this point, over 40 hours, we offer this entertaining video of Golden Retriever puppies!

And here's work being done this afternoon on the Mattapan High-Speed Line!

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