Friday, 22 February 2013

Fabulous Friday - The Passion

The stars seem to have aligned for us this weekend. The five of us who do this blog (FT, GB, FTH, RM and Nippy) have had quite the busy schedule. And today's hottie seemed perfectly themed for our events this weekend.

Our hottie above has an amazing resemblence to Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson made the very Roman Catholic film The Passion of Christ which made him the darling of Vatican City. So we feature him today as a shameless ploy to get more support for Nippy's campaign to be elected Pope! (Click here to see Nippy's campaign announcement on our post "We Throw Our Hat in the Ring"). 

Of course, just as our HOTT Crew is embarking on multi-state international campaign tour a snowstorm bears down on Boston AND our dear friends on Cape Ann, Dodie and Mave (click their names to learn more about them), announce to us that they have chosen this weekend to go under the knife for a "nip and tuck" (someone please explain to us why women in their 30's would want to have cosmetic surgery. We just don't get it). Nippy is so disappointed that he won't be able to make the rounds at their hospital dispensing Nipal blessings (Nipal = Nippy + Papal). The HOTT Crew sends all their best to Dodie and Mave! Hope we recognize them on their next gala event!

So, instead of tending to Dodie and Mave at the hospital we braved the maddening crowds at Logan airport for our flight to.... ROME! La Dolce Vita! The Trevi Fountain! Heavenly Hunks! We arrived at our gate at Logan airport and, of course, immediately began taking pics of Euro hunks. After all, you're our fans, we like to share, we're giving guys. We do it for you!
GB and FT swooned when this bow tied hottie found his way to our gate. So confident. So smart looking. So... yummy!
Meanwhile Nippy and FTH focused on this Euro Hottie. Note the way the scarf is artfully intertwined with his satchel strap the way only a European male can do. Alas, he sat nowhere near us on the plane.
GB and FT were like gleeful schoolboys when they realized that bow tie guy was going to sit directly in front of them on the plane! We do find it unwelcome, though, that airlines are using 757s for intercontinental routes. We'd so much prefer to see bow tie guy spread out across a row of five seats (FT would like him sunny side up while GB would like him over easy).
And finally, after two change of planes (hey, we booked last minute), we arrived in Rome! And immediately found an angelic hottie aboard the Rome-Fumicello International Airport's train system! Just look at that hair!

And now it's time for us to get dressed. And look who Nippy has found to help us with that!

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