Friday, 1 February 2013

Red Jacket on a Red Line

We adore red jackets. We love the brilliance they provide on the T.  Red jackets light up a man in a way a black jacket simply isn't able to do. Notice the confidence, well-chiseled features and handsome visage of our hottie. And just as yesterday's hottie was so into FT, so was this guy! 

And what is the HOTT Crew up to for it's First Birthday? Well, we departed yesterday on our favorite airline (following on the heels of BosGuy) for a trip to Florida where we'll be interviewed by a national magazine for a feature article to be titled America's Top Gay Bloggers. We're honored to be selected, and ever so grateful that all five of us have been flown down to warm (67F right now) and sunny Fort Lauderdale.

Below are a few shots taken from the plane. Pulling back from the gate in Boston (left) and beginning our descent into Fort Lauderdale (right). 
Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Director of Materials Management
Photographer: FT

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