Thursday, 8 October 2015

Café Correcto

Our gentleman hottie relaxes with aplomb as he awaits our Paris Métro train. We rather liked the view across the tracks of our lone hottie silhouetted by the Parisian advertisements and classic French molded chairs.
Of course, before getting to Paris we had to bike our way from Italy into France across the new border controls put up in the past month. So much for Schengen Zone convenience! Fortunately we had our Duvine van with us to assist in getting all our cycling equipment through the border customs.
After crossing the border we discovered our HOTT Crew friends Dodie and Lola in a bar drinking Café Correcto. A simultaneously invigorating and relaxing discovery, Café Correcto has a very simple recipe: One shot of Espresso and one shot of Grappa. Dodie and Lola each knocked back 3, with Lola uttering her now daily refrain about the wine/cocktail consumption, "I needed every one of them!".

Location: Paris Métro at Chatelet
Imagined Profession: French Civil Servant
Photographer: GB

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