Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Double Tuesday - Me and My Shadow

What a stunning man in such a stunning setting! The sun's evening rays illuminate our hottie from behind, casting a mystical glow and a scintillating shadow that mesmerized all who passed by.

We're especially fascinated with how successfully our hottie blended so many different styles together to create one magnificent impression. Let's look at the many elements (starting from the bottom) that take our handsome man to an even higher level:

1). Ready-for-work lace-up shoes.
2). Properly fitted worn jeans.
3). Expertly-tailored vintage-style Canadian Camper Coat in deep burgundy plaid.
4). Luxurious shawl-collared wool sweater underneath the Canadian Camper Coat.
5). Buttoned-down Oxford shirt beneath the shawl-collared sweater.
6). Facial hair groomed just rugged enough to blend with the plaid coat.
7). Fastidiously styled hair that pairs so well with the shawl-collared sweater.

Is he a Lumberjack? Could he be a Lumbersexual? We've decided that someone who can pull off a blend of Lumberjack and Ivy League style all at the same time is most definitely a Lumbergent!

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession: House Manager for Live Performance Venue
Photographer: GB

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