Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Scarf Him Up

We swooned with delight upon scoring seats opposite this spectacular hottie on the Paris Métro! French men have such an elegant way of accessorizing their outfits. And the well-groomed facial hair is, as they say in France, déliciuex!
Our cycling adventure to France via Italy's Piedmont region was quite spectacular in itself! Here our HOTT Crew's bikes rest adjacent to a vineyard in Neive, Italy where our friends Dodie & Lola were filming outdoor scenes for their upcoming TV program.
FT (above left in "I Bike Boston" cycling cap) and Dodie (above right in sunglasses) on the vineyard film set in Neive, Italy. We all had sticky fingers from picking the ripe grapes!
Dodie found inspiration for a TV episode at the Nutella Pavilion at Milano Expo 2015. Such a delicious and versatile treat that's fabulous for maintaining our energy cycling up steep mountains! And our Dodie created an entire episode on delicious and healthy alternatives (below).
We had never encountered such a tasty group of healthy energy treats! MaraNatha Dark Chocolate Almond (top center) and Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter (center) were our HOTT Crew's two favorites. Of course, the Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves and Organic Adriatic Figs (on the knives) paired well with all of these. Good, but not favorite flavors were also Barney Butter Raw and Chia Almond Butter. GB discovered that Pinot Noir wine pairs well with these almond flavors, and has named the combination Pinot Butter.

Location: Paris Métro Line M5
Imagined Profession: Buyer for Bon Marché 
Photographer: GB

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