Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Double Tuesday - Twins!

Not only are they twins, they're drop dead gorgeous twins! Gloriously tall twins. Handsome hunks of twins! Did we mention they're twins?!?! Being in their presence was a special treat as our HOTT Crew and friend Lola returned from Orlando to Boston (via Atlanta, of course). We could barely contain ourselves as we rode the Atlanta Airport's Plane Train from Concourse B to Concourse E.
Prior to arriving in Atlanta and spotting our glorious twins we were treated to a glorious sunset over our HOTT Crew friend Dodie's home in downtown Orlando. What a view! A view made extra special with the Pinot Noir wines we had before takeoff (Lola snagged us all entry to Delta's SkyClub).

Did we mention we saw twins?!?!

Location: Atlanta International Airport Plane Train at Concourse E
Imagined Professions: Left, licensed contractor/entertainer; Right, multi-faceted entrepreneur and real estate agent
Photographer: GB & FT

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